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The Philippine Civil Service Commission Announcement: Cancellation of Exam

The Philippine Civil Service Commission, through CSC Resolution No. 2000596 promulgated 16 June 2020, CANCELS altogether the conduct of the following CS examinations via Pen & Paper Test (PPT) for CY 2020 in view of the COVID-19 continuing pandemic.

21 June 2020
– Fire Officer Examination
– Penology Officer Examination
– Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination

9 August 2020
– ​Career Service Examination-PPT (Professional)
– Career Service Examination-PPT (SubProfessional)

11 October 2020​
– ​Intermediate Competency on Local Treasury Examination
– Pre-Employment Test
– Promotional Test
– Ethics-Oriented Personality Test

The suspended 15 March 2020 CSE-PPT shall be reset in 2021. A separate issuance on this matter shall be released in due time.

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