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Section 2: Definition of Terms

*Face Mask – any reusable or disposable item made of cloth or any breathable material worn over the nose and mouth which serves as a protection or barriers against viruses such as COVID-19. This shall include surgical masks , N-95 masks , ear loop masks, indigenous or do it yourself masks, cloth masks, handkerchiefs, bandanas among others.

*Public Places – all places that are accessible or open to the public places for collective use , regardless of ownership to right access, including but not limited to work places, government offices and facilities , establishments that provide foof and drinks , accommodations, merchandise, professional and other services . It also includes outdoor spaces where facilities are available to the public or where a crowd of people may gather such as , but not limited to parks, play grounds, sports grounds, centers, church grounds, health or hospital compounds, markets, hallways and waiting areas. Further, it shall also include all public and barangay service vehicles that ferry individuals and employees to and from their homes and places of work.

* Physical Distancing- It is an extent of space measured between and among people to avoid spreading illness. Staying at least one meter away from people which lessen the chances of catching COVID-19.

Section 3 . General Provision

Al individuals within the territorial jurisdiction of the Province of Ilocos Sur shall wear face masks or other protective equipment at all times when they are outside their place of residence and in all public places . Maintain one meter away from people at all times in all public places .

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