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During the latter part of the Spanish regime in the Philippines, groups of people from the Mountain Province came to settle in the place now called SUYO. In 1872, the Spaniards organized the settlement into a Rancheria and in 1922; the Americans turned it into a township. Later on, it was changed to a municipal district and by virtue of RA 1515 and under Executive Order no. 61; Suyo became a regular municipality in 1962. At present, Suyo is a fourth class municipality composed of eight (8) barangays and forty-five

The town got its name SUYO from one of the barangays named Suyo Proper because it was in this barangay where the first seat of government was established under Wayet Infiel, the first township president. Suyo was derived from the Ilocano word “NAISUYO” meaning thrown because according to the old folks; said barangays were formed by soil that accumulated at the river bank when the river overflowed its banks.

At present, the municipality has a population of 11,465 (NSO Survey 2015) with the majority composed of those who originally settled in the place and the rest are those who came from other towns and provinces because of affinity and employment. Some of its inhabitants, however, have migrated to other places like Mindoro, Mindanao, Palawan, Bicol Region, Baguio and Manila. Some have also gone abroad in search for greener pasture.

Aside from paganism, the first religious sect that won the inhabitants to its fold was the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. Next was the Roman Catholic that established its church in Barangay Uso, followed by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines at Barangay Baringcucurong. Aside from those mentioned, there are now a number of religious sects namely Jehova’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, Pentecost, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Santuala, Espiritista, Sagrada Familia, United Methodist Church, Crusaders of  the Divine Church of Christ and Temple of God.

Formal education was first organized in the municipality in the form of a parochial school and opened by the Americans. At present, there are twenty one (21) public schools in Suyo, eleven (11) complete elementary, nine (9) primaries and one high school with one annex.

Although Suyo has a mountainous terrain, it has adequate arable lands where the people could grow productive agricultural crops. Although limited,

the presence of an irrigation system enables the people to plant rice thrice a year in Barangays Baringcucurong, Poblacion and Suyo Proper. The lands are fertile and the climate is favorable for the production of tobacco, coffee, cacao, banana, ginger, sweet potato, tiger grass, fruit trees and vegetables. These are being produced in commercial sale.

In early part of 1980’s, the Communist Party of the Philippines through its armed group, the New People’s Army (NPA) started to launch its expansion efforts and armed struggle in the interior towns of Ilocos Sur. Suyo has become a stronghold of the enemy forces, the NPA insurgents, who came from the North-Eastern CPP Committee. Again the municipality of Suyo suffered devastation and ill-effects brought about by insurgency problems. Bloody encounters between government troops and the communist’s terrorist occurred day by day in the remotest part of the town. Now, insurgency has virtually ceased and the people are enjoying a peaceful and progressive community.


  1. Geographical LocationThe municipality of Suyo lies in the southern portion of the Province of Ilocos Sur. It is located at longitudes 12° 27’ 36” to 120° 37’ 10” east and latitudes 16° 55’ 38”   to    17°    02’   12”north. The municipality of Sigay bound it to the northeast, in the east by Municipality of Cervantes and south by Municipality of Tagudin and northwest by Municipality of Sta Cruz. The municipality of Suyo is part of what is generally referred as the “Interior towns” of Ilocos Sur which means it does not passed by the Laoag-Vigan National road and lying at the immediate uplands of the cordillera Mountain ranges.

Suyo is about one kilometer from Bitalag junction in Tagudin and eight kilometers to the Poblacion area where the municipal hall is located.


The total land area of Suyo is 15,357.68 hectares. Its breakdown by barangay can be seen at the table below, with barangay man-atong which is

the farthest barangay comprising more than one fifth of the town and barangay Urzadan the smallest.

Barangay Poblacion which can be considered as urban barangay constitutes 19.50 percent of the total land area. It lies at the center of the town.

Land Area (Sq. Kms)
1.  Poblacion 2,994.81 19.50%
2.  Baringcucurong 784.37 5.11%
3.  Cabugao 1,297.88 8.45%
4.  Patoc-ao 2,163.45 14.09%
5.  Urzadan 497.04 3.24%
6.  Uso 1,810.51 11.79%
7.  Suyo Proper 2,472.31 16.10%
8.  Man-atong 3,335.48 21.72%
TOTAL 15,357.68 100%

Source: MPDC Office

C.  Topography

Land Form/Relief

The terrain of Suyo is generally hilly to mountainous, with almost two third of the land are being occupied by forest. The municipality, which is shaped like head of a bulldog, is bisected by the Chico River. Along the river valley or gorge is the Tagudin-Cervantes road (National Road) which provides the main access to the municipality and the eight barangays of the town. Elevation generally rises from west to east, with the highest points located at Barangay Man-atong with a spot elevation of 110 meters above sea level.

The hilly to mountainous terrain is more homogenous towards west of the  municipality,  in  the  eastern  portion  of  the  town,  the  hilly  and

mountainous sections up by low-lying areas and flatlands, particularly in barangays Baringcucurong, Poblacion and Cabugao.

D.  Slope Characteristics

The     Slope of Suyo can be categorized into three, with their corresponding areas as presented here in Table below

Barangay Degree of Slope
0-18% 18-30% 30% – above
Baringcucurong 4.78 2.04 1.15
Cabugao 0.04 2.51 9.66
Poblacion 4.41 4.63 9.56
Urzadan 0.74 1.41 3.22
Patoc-ao 1.08 3.28 8.87
Suyo Proper 1.68 6.29 14.44
Uso 0.54 2.73 9.08
Man-atong 0.58 3.87 27.07
Total 14.21 26.76 83.05
  Slope Category Land Classification   Total
A & D Forestland
0 to 8% 590.63 58.48 649.11
8 to 18% 391.20 110.43 501.63
18 to 30% 1224.38 790.73 2015.11
30 to 50% 1161.29 1680.12 2841.41
above 50% 1246.79 8103.63 9350.42
Total 4614.29 10743.39 15357.68

Source: Suyo Planning Team

The barangays with the largest slope in the category of 18-30% (this is good for permanent crops, agro-livestock and agro-forestry uses) can be found in Suyo Proper. The barangays with the largest slope (30% & above3) is Man-atong, Suyo Proper and Patoc-ao

E. Climate

Suyo has a climate type similar to the province of Ilocos Sur and the region in general. There are basically two types of climate regimes, the wet and dry season. The wet season starts early as April, reaches its peak in the months of July and august, and extends up to October. The Dry season occurs during the rest of the months from November to March of the next year.

F.  Soil Types and Soil Suitability

There are only two major soil types that can be found in Suyo, these are the Bauang Clay, and the Bantog clay. The Bantog Clay found only in the plains of Barangay Baringcucurong, it occupies a very small area (1.64 sq. kms) while the Bauang Clay is the predominant soil type in most of the western barangays. The remaining three fourths of the town have mountain soils that are as yet undifferentiated.

G.  Water Resources and Drainage

  1.  Surface Runoff  –  The  Chico  River  Cutting  across half of  the municipality and passing out to the next town of Tagudin through Barangay Cabugao adequately drains the whole town. The Chico River joins another major river Amburayan River then out to the China Sea between Sudipen, La Union and Tagudin.
  2. Groundwater Resources – given a three-scale classification of groundwater resources, i.e.
    1. Shallow well areas (within 20 m.
    2. Deep Well area (greater than 20m.
    3. Difficult  Areas – The  whole town is classified as type 2. However within the  river valley especially barangays Cabugao and Poblacion, shallow well can be secured.

H.  Mineral Resources and Bedrock Formation

The bedrock foundation of Suyo consists mainly of sedimentary rocks, mainly consisting of marine sandstone, shale and reef limestone and molasses. The sedimentary rock occupies about 90 percent of the town area. Ingenious rocks consisting mainly of peridotite and cherfs are found near the western boundary. A fault running north to northeast can be found along geologic contact between the town principal bedrock.

I.    Forest Resources

Forestlands occupy an area of over 107.4339 sq km. or almost 70% of the total area of Suyo. The biggest forest reserve representing over 27.6074 percent of the total is found in barangay Man-atong which is the most interior barangay of Suyo. No production forest of commercial significance is

found here. Forest resources are mostly used for domestic purposes especially for fuel. Minor products like buho, and tiger grass are however abundant in the municipality.

J.    Environmentally Critical Areas

The environmentally critical areas within Suyo are watersheds, steeply sloping areas and flood prone areas within river valleys. The steeply sloping areas with slopes of over 30 percent constitute more than two thirds of the town. This is great erosion potential especially if their vegetative cover is destroyed. Teamed up with long and high rainfall patter as what usually exist in the mountain areas, let alone the destructive forest activities of the occupants, these are easily eroded.

The municipality of Suyo now has 11,465 populations with a rate of

  • percent annual Households also have 2,503 based from NSO Survey 2015 and Actual RHU data.


USO 1372
TOTAL 11,446
2. CABUGAO 287
4. URZADAN 185
5. PATOC-AO 138
6. USO 318
8. MAN-ATONG 414

Source: RHU Actual Data


  1. Administrative Sector

A.   The Municipal Government Officials


Municipal Mayor


Municipal Vice-Mayor

Sangguniang Bayan Members:

RENATO B. NGANGAC                               THOMAS B. ALMAZAN


REGINALD M. ORPILLA                            RODERICK B. GALUGA


RAMONITO B. LAZAGA                              PABLITO M. AVISA


TIMOTEO P. ABALOS                                MARIA CORAZON D. CUPIDO



The Barangay Government Officials:

PB CIRINO G. BARBARONA                                PB ORLANDO S. AGLIBOT

Baringcucurong                                                                 Poblacion

PB DANIEL B. VILLANUEVA                               PB ALEJANDRO M. BALLADA

Cabugao                                                                              Suyo Proper


Man-atong                                                                          Urzadan

PB JOVEN B. BATAAN                                            PB ARTHUR D. GALLEBO

Patoc-ao                                                                              Uso

III. ECONOMIC SECTOR                                                    


Suyo is predominantly an agricultural community of 8 barangays with a total land area of 153.5768 square kilometers. Irrigated croplands consist of 154.49 hectares and non-irrigated croplands totals 423.97 hectares. The other croplands are uplands totaling 333 hectares.


Fruit trees constitute the biggest area devoted to particular crop. Rice is the predominant crop in the area. Rice is planted at irrigated lands the whole year. No irrigated lands were planted once a year and vegetables following rice. The average yield per hectare for irrigated lands was 4 tons per hectare or 80 cavans per hectare… A non-irrigated land yields 2.8 tons per hectare.


Farming practices is still a combination of the old and new methods; Carabao is still the main beast of burden in tilling the fields, however, farm mechanization is slowly being introduced.


Forestland consists of about 50% of the total land area. Large portion of the municipality is covered by Bessang Pass National Park and the Tirad Pass National Park. The preservation of these forests is essential to ensure a steady stream feeding the Chico River. There three municipalities that rely here for their irrigation needs.


The Public market is located at Butac, Man-atong, Suyo, Ilocos Sur. This serves the needs of the easternmost barangays, the lower parts or barangays were served by the municipality of Tagudin market. The commodities traded here are farm products and some cottage industry products.

The lone Suyo Credit and Loan Cooperative serves as the only financial institution located at Suyo. Sari-sari Stores serves as the source of merchandise.


The municipality is not an industrial town. However, there several small scale industries such as rice milling, motor, repair shops, metal workshops, hollow blocks making, bakeries, woodcraft, candle making, coffee processing and other small businesses.


One of the main basic player in the future economic performances of the Municipality of Suyo is its Tourism Industry. This true due to its mountainous terrain and mostly forested area that agricultural intensification is limited to small and scattered flatlands and low grade slopes where fruit trees and vegetables could be cultured. Tourism potential in Suyo is natural and ecological.

Tourist Attractions
  1. The Chico River– The municipality of Suyo is traversed by the Chico River, its headwaters were located at the easternmost part of the town (see base map). It drains the whole municipality in its about thirty kilometers path way down to join another river (Amburayan River) and into the South China It is rich in freshwater marine life andabundant in water all year round. The panoramic view and clear waters are the main attraction that attracts local tourists to the area aside from availability of fish catches for picnic purposes and swimming. Often cyclists enjoy these views as they traverse the now concreted highway that follows the river up to its headwaters to the historic Bessang Pass. Its stream is continuous throughout the year and it irrigates the fertile flatlands of Suyo and the adjacent municipality of Tagudin and Sta. Cruz thru a tunnel at Barangay Cabugao.
  1. The Eco-Mountain Resort- One of the most popular tourist destination is the Suyo Eco-

Mountain Resort at Sitio Coscosong, Man-atong along the highway to Bessang Pass and Cervantes and the Cordilleras, It offers facilities such as swimming pool surrounded with cabanas, function hall for seminars and conferences, a two room cottage that can accommodate twenty people  at a time. Surrounding view is astounding in its natural form and adjacent forest is suitable for nature adventurers  as  trail  trekking. Arrangement  could  be  made  to  catering services  for weddings, birthdays,  seminars,  conferences and other occasions.

  1. The Sangbay Ni Ragsak Falls– it is a natural formation inherent to a mountainous It attracts local and foreign tourists seeking ecological and natural surroundings to enjoy. The municipality is aiming to fully develop and protect the area.
  2. Dawara Falls– It is larger and higher than the Its rock face wall is rugged making its

drop of water burst and scatter sometimes into spray. Partially hidden from view is a large pipe at the left side of the falls. Few meters away  along the stream to which it plunges, the waterway is partially obstructed and made  shallow by erosion.

Darawa Falls is Located at Barangay  Poblacion  in  Suyo,

Ilocos Sur.

  1. Vagina Falls– Its base or bowl is  obstructed from view by big It is located at Man-atong, Suyo Ilocos Sur. The nearest drop- off-point is sitio Tegtaggamat at barangay Man-atong and from there ask directions going to the falls. Then take the hike.
  2. Burayok Falls- The waterfall is located at Barangay Baringcucurong, Suyo Ilocos Although it is small, it rushes down powerfully that you can hear the rushing water even from considerably far distance.
  3. Balungabing- Tales says that a big beautiful chicken mysteriously disappeared here and in the following rainy season when the mountain slopes cascade due massive erosion resulting to a peak that shaped like a ROOSTER PEEK.

You can see the beautiful view from the main road.

                                         IV. INFRASTRUCTURE SECTOR                                            


Suyo is mainly served by the Tagudin-Cervantes- Bontoc Road which traverses the municipality. The road condition is excellent given the recent concreting of the highway. Sitios are served by barangay roads. There are 23 barangay roads in Suyo.

Bridges were concrete along the national highway, but some of the barangay roads were connected with hanging footbridges preventing the use of motorized vehicles. The main transport is jeepneys, tricycles and animal drawn sleds and carts.

Table 1


Tagudin-Cervantes 45 45
B. Municipal Road .3 .3
C. Barangay Roads    
BaringcucurongTapao Road 4.5 .5                         4
Baringcucurong-Baracbac Road 2 1.7                      0.3
Cabugao-Tapao road 4 .2                       3.8
Cabugao-Balangsay Road 5 0                         5
Poblacion-Kinpatubbog road 12 2                        10
Poblacion Vito road 5 1                         4
Lubnac-Patoc-ao road 2 .1                       1.9
Gongogong-Ida Road 1 1                         0
Gongogong-Lubnac Road 5 4                         1
Urzadan-Gongogong road 3 3                         0
Urzadan- Lub-ong Road 1 1                         0
Uso-Batiangan Road 2.6 2.6                        0
Uso-Suyo Proper Road 1 1                         0
Kiblongan-Macaag Road 8 8                         0
Kiblongan-Kentakang Road .60 .60                        0
Suyo Proper- Paytocan Road 2.5 0                        2.5
Butac-Butigue Road 5 3                         2
Butac-Tegteggamat Road 5 1.5                      3.5
Tegteggamat- Dadtuco Road 2 0                         2
Butac- Kainggian Road 2 0                         2
Butac- Banata Road 2 0                         2
SUBTOTAL 75.20 31.20               44


There is no landline telephone serving the area. However, there are two cell sites operating in the area servicing cellphones (Globe and Smart). Sun cellular is preparing to install its cell site at present. There are still dead areas within the municipality where phone signals are weak or no signal at all. Internet signal is not present in the area except through satellite discs and smartbros and visibility serviced by smart telecom and globe telecom.


Although the area is mountainous and there are available springs nearby that could be tapped for water consumption, the constant destruction of water pipes, the drying up of springs and the distances of springs from villages are the main problem in having a reliable water source.

Suyo Municipal Water System with three pumping stations serves five barangays and the remaining three barangays has their own level one and two water system.


The municipality’s power sources come from Ilocos Sur Electric Cooperative (ISECO). All barangays was served by this cooperative except a small portion of sitios where power lines are too distant from the villages. Several barangays were organized into Barangay Power association (BAPA), a barangay sized version of the cooperative. It is tasked to administer the reading, billing and collection of power consumption within its area. The BAPA is allowed to impose the price of kilowatt-hour consumed.

The municipality of Suyo is currently the site of proposed wind turbine power generation. Studies are underway to determine the characteristics of the wind in the area.


The crude birth rate of Suyo is 15.3 per 1,000 populations. Mortality rate is highest in 2012 with 39 cases, while the lowest is in 2013 with 17 cases. It is notable that in 2014 Cardiovascular Disease is the major cause of death as it claimed 14 lives. Aside from Cardiovascular Disease other causes of death in the municipality were Pneumonia and Cancer.

Suyo has the Rural Health Unit/Center within Poblacion. It is being managed and run by the Municipal Health Officer and assisted by a routine of other health personnel – 8 Midwives,1 public health nurse, 1 Public Health Dentist, 1 Medical Technologist and 1 Sanitary Inspector.

The Barangay Health Stations in various barangays also caters the needs of the community with the proper supervision of the Rural Health Midwives.


There are eleven complete elementary schools nine Primary Schools and one high school with extension annex in Suyo. All of these are public schools.

Suyo Central School Poblacion 10214
Baringcucurong Elementary School Baringcucurong 6754
Butac Elementary School Butac 3429
Cabugao Elementary School Cabugao 6121
Suyo Proper Elementary School Suyo Proper 4054
Urzadan Elementary School Urzadan 10111
Kinapian Elementary School Kinapian 7096
Uso Elementary School Uso 4938
Lubnac Elementary School Lubnac 6774
Man-atong Elementary School Man-atong 1171
Batiangan Elementary School Batiangan 10667
Ida Primary School Ida 2673
Balangsay Elementary School Balangsay 2703
Bangcag Elementary School Bangcag 2319
Dadtuco Elementary School Dadtuco 4092
Longboy Elementary School Longboy  
Kiblongan Primary School Kiblongan 2720
Kimpatubbog Primary School Kimpatubbog 16596
Patoc-ao Primary School Patoc-ao 7912
Bito Primary School Bito  
Suyo National High School Urzadan 8447
Suyo National High School Annex Baringcucurong 13000
The buildings of Suyo National High School annex are located at Barangay Baringcucurong and still on construction and the campus on development. The following tables are the details of each school.


TYPE/LEVEL No of Enrollees Total Number of Total No of
Male Female Total
        Teachers Classrooms
Suyo Central Elementary School 76 60 136 8 7
Baringcucurong Elementary School   114   83   197   11   9
Batiangan Elementary School 51 40 91 6 7
Butac Elementary School 53 43 96 7 8
Cabugao Elementary School 72 77 149 8 7
Kinapian Elementary School     113 7 6
Lubnac Elementary School     77 6 6
Man-atong Elementary School     101 9 7
Suyo Proper Elementary School 65 46 111 7 6
Urzadan Elementary School 145 107 252 15 6
Uso Elementary School 67 41 108 8 7
TOTAL     1431 92 76
Balangsay Primary School 20 19 39 3 3
Bangcag Primary School 48 40 88 7 5
Dadtuco Primary School 19 31 50 4 3
Ida Primary School 38 42 80 4 4
Kiblongan Primary School 15 11 26 2 3
Longboy Primary School 26 21 47 3 5
Patoc-ao Primary School     77 6 6
Kimpatubbog Primary School 19 18 37 2 3
Bito Primary School 10 19 29 2 0
TOTAL     473 33 32
Suyo National High School 252 241 493 17 12
Suyo National High School Annex 102 103 205 7 9
TOTAL 354 344 698 33 21


The Municipal Police Station is manned by twenty two (22) police personnel. It has one sub-station located at Baringcucurong and the main at Poblacion. Every barangay has organized barangay tanods and lupong tagapamayapa which helps in the maintenance of peace and order and in solving community disputes.


The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office are headed by the Municipal Social Welfare Officer assisted by a Social Welfare Aide. They are assisted by the Day Care Workers and Non-Government Organizations in the provision of social welfare services. The office also looks into the senior citizen’s concerns and PWDs.
2012 2013 2014 2015
1. Persons with disability (PWD) 133 133 466 466
2. Senior Citizens 1,168 1,247 1,345 1,385
3. Day Care children 300 321 322 312
4. Day Care Workers 20 21 21 21
5. Indigent Families 1,101 1,101 1,101 1,101
6. Pantawid Pamilya Beneficiaries 741 736 739 752
7. PhilHealth 2,903 2,939 2,813 3,288
8. solo Parents 51 51 51 52
9. Pre Marriage counseling 60 59 49 30

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