Full Disclosure Policy


To open and/or download the LGU’s Full Disclosure Policy documents, click on the following links:

Reference No.Document TypeMonth PostedTitleFile
Invitation to BidMarchConstruction of Butac Daycare CenterDownload2021
Invitation to BidMarchVarious Projects Funded by RA 7171 (FY-2017)Download2021
Invitation to BidMarchPurchase of I.C.T Equipment For Upgrading of Conference, Audio Visual RoomDownload2021
Project Monitoring ReportMarchProject Monitoring Report-June 2020Download2020
Project Monitoring ReportMarchProject Monitoring Report-December 2020Download2020
Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance IndicatorMarchAPCPI RESULT FOR 2020Download2020
Procurement PlanMarchAnnual Procurement Plan for 2021Download2021
Invitation to BidMarchPurchase of I.C.T Equipment for Upgrading Conference, Audio Visual RoomDownload2021
Invitation to BidFebruaryPurchase of Office Supplies and I.T Equipment for Various Offices Funded by General FundDownload2021
Invitation to BidFebruaryVarious Projects Funded by Development Fund CY 2021, GAD Fund and General FundDownload2021
Invitation to BidFebruaryVarious Projects Funded by Landbank Term Loan and GAD FundDownload2021
Invitation to BidFebruaryVarious Projects Funded by R.A 7171 (FY 2017) and R.A 8240 (FY 2017)Download2017
Invitation to BidFebruaryConstruction of Butac Daycare Center funded by Development Fund CY 2021Download2021
Invitation to BidFebruaryImprovement of Municipal BuildingDownload2021
Invitation to BidJanuaryConstruction of Human Resources Development Center, Construction of Road Leading to Municipal MRF and Public Cemetery, Purchase of Medicines and Medical SuppliesDownload2021
Items to BidOctoberConstruction of Various Infrastructure Projects and Purchase of Various FarmDownload2019
Invitation to BidSeptemberVarious Projects funded by LGSF-FA 2020 Acquisition on One (1) Unit Ambulance and Mini-Dump TruckDownload2020
Invitation to BidSeptemberUpgrading of Poblacion - Nasico Barangay Road, Purchase of One Unit Motor Vehicle (Ambulance), Construction of Multi-purpose Drying Pavement (MPDP) at Urzadan, Improvement of Poblacion - Namukaan Farm to Market RoadDownload2020
Abstract as CalculatedSeptemberImprovement of Poblacion-Namukaan Farm to MarketDownload2020
Bayanihan Grant to Cities and MunicipalitiesAprilReport on Fund Utilization and Status of Program Projects Activity Implementation for the Month of AprilDownload2020

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