Barangay Suyo Proper


Long-time ago, this story was passed by the old folks. Bgy, Suyo proper came about when a typhoon strikes the place. The heavy rains caused the river to grow wild and mighty. The heavy rains caused the river to grow wild and mighty. The flowing river from the eastern part of the place hits Sabangan. It creates whirlpool with the help of the Sabangan stream. As the whirlpool goes wild, it throws mud and sand to the river forming a wide flat land. The world SUY-OK means ‘being thrown by’.

The natives or Indigenous Peoples (IPS) from Mountain province believed that this land was formed by the mighty whirlpool and so they called ‘SUY-OK’. Sometimes in 1899 The American occupancy of the Philippines, the American asked the native/IPS the name of their place. Somebody said, ‘SUY-OK sir’ but the pronounce Suy-O the world suyo became SUYO until such time it was called SUYO PROPER because it is where the first Municipal Hall was establish. Suyo Proper became the central town in the municipality until was move to Brgy. Urzadan, finally move to Brgy. Kimpusa now called POBLACION.

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