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Barangay Patoc Ao


Long-time ago, in a mountainous area situated near the boundary of the Municipality of Suyo and Sigay, there lived a community of unchristian fond of celebration festivities, those activities were done in accordance to rituals such as weddings, baptisms, and thanksgiving. People prepare food for the whole community and for the visitors who will the festivities. Activities were initialized in their ethnic and Pagan ways. There was a practice in the community that every individual who attended the festivities or ceremony will bear a “PATOK” a gift or reward in a form of raw meat.

One day, after the culmination of the thanksgiving as usual everyone who attended went with their way home “PATOK”. On his way home someone from the festivity encountered a group of travelers, one of the travelers noticed the thing held by the from the festivity and asked “IS THAT YOUR PATOK?” the from the festivity replied “AW” which means “YES” it was then that the customs of giving gifts to every visitors that attend the festivities was called “PATOK AND AW” the said community came to its own name PATOC-AO.

At present, Barangay Patoc-ao is already a community of Christians and believers but still fond of festivities wherein visitors and travelers are most welcome.

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