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Barangay Baringcucurong

Basic Socio-Economic and Demographic Data

The Barangay got its name some time ago by the elders. They call it “Baringcucurong” as the name of the barangay due to a big lumber tree named Baringcucurong Tree which is numerously found in the locality. According to the elders of this barangay, this kind of tree is good for housing purposes due to its durability. But because of its demand for housing, it has been abused, that’s why there were only a few trees of its kind these days. In 2008, the officials of this Barangay planted Baringcucurong trees at the point of entry (marker) but unfortunately, only a few survived.

Along the Tagudin-Cervantes road, Baringcucurong is the westernmost Barangay and the first Barangay located upon entering the Municipality of Suyo. It is approximately twelve (12) kilometres far to the town proper.

As per records of the Suyo Assessor’s Office, this Barangay has an agricultural land area of 8.0 square kilometres and a residential area of 95,030.04 square meters. Its terrain geographical characteristics are hilly and mountainous. The type of soil is clay loam. The 1.5 kilometers Tagudin-Cervantes national road traversing the Barangay was already concreted.

The Barangay has a mini-dam wherein the water coming from the Chico River is trapped and distributed among the three irrigation canals to the agricultural areas supplying the farmers for a year round cropping, as well as the nearby Barangays of Tagudin and Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur. The farmers are engaged in planting rice, tobacco, corn, onion, garlic, tomato, string beans and other agricultural products.

The Barangay has a total of seven (7) bridges- one (1) hanging bridge and six (6) footbridges. It has also a public elementary school, high school-annex, Barangay health center, Barangay hall, stage, a multi-purpose building and/or daycare center, multi-purpose pavement or Barangay plaza for all social activities. There are also six churches/chapel located in this Barangay namely Catholic Church, United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), United Methodist Church (UCM), The Pentecostal Freewill Baptist Church, and United Pentecostal Church. It has also its own public cemetery and there are four (4) waiting sheds put up in strategic locations.

The Barangay, as of the latest count, has a population of 1, 657 wherein majority of which belongs to the cultural minorities. Farming is the main occupation which accounts for the formation of two (2) Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperatives in the Barangay but unfortunately these two cooperatives are no more operating. Surplus farm products are sold in the neighboring town markets. The rest of the residents are engaged themselves in business of various kinds, livestock raising, culture of fruit bearing trees and other sources of livelihood projects. Other are employed elsewhere, in government, private or self-employment and also some have sought employment abroad.

The Socio-Cultural Development

Baringcucurong is a mixture of different tribes. The Bagos (mixture of lowlander and highlander), kan-kanaey and other ethnic tribes, there are also called pure ilocanos. The values and habits were the ancestral influence with hospitality, respect to elders, and other traits manifested by the colonizers of the locality.

It was not a tradition that this Barangay celebrates fiesta but through the leadership of the former Barangay Captain Jesus L. Labador, who initiated the first ever Barangay fiesta held in 1996 in commemoration of the bomb that was failed to explode when it was drop in this Barangay during the World War II. Moreover, Barangay fiesta is celebrated to give thanks to our Almighty God for all the blessings in which the Barangay received.

Political Development

The people of our town know very much that the former Mayor, National Under Secretary (DAR), Head Offices are mostly sons and daughters of Barangay Baringcucurong. Among the residents of the town, it is in this Barangay where the first registered nurse, certified public accountant, teacher, US navy, US air force, graduates from Philippine Military Academy, Lawyer and other professions.

The Barangay Officials of Baringcucurong in coordination with its Barangay Police and other law enforcement personnel managed to maintain peace and order in the barangay. Untoward incidents are not avoided but these were able to settle by the Barangay Officials and Barangay Police on duty.

Barangay Baringcucurong is a peaceful Barangay to live in. There are assigned Barangay officials, Barangay police to perform their functions and duties even night time to maintain peace and order and to avoid illegal activities.

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