Bakunahang Bayan – Pinaslakas Special Vaccination Days

Bakunahang Bayan
Pinaslakas Special Vaccination Days
(September 26-30, 2022)
The goal is to further increase the number of individuals protected from Covid-19. The aim is to reach current vaccination targets: 50% of target general population boosted and 90% of target senior citizens who received their primary series doses. This can be done by making primary series and booster doses more accessible by activating strategic sites tgat are closer to where the people are.
These goals can only be achieved through the nation’s collective effort, kaya isama ang buong bayan, pata buong bayan ay protektado👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
“Sa bakunahang Bayan, bawat Pilipino, mas PinasLikas ang Proteksyon”
#napintassuyo 🌹

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