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Advisory from ALS Suyo District

Panawagan manipod ti ALS Suyo District

Kadagiti amin nga out of school children (OSC), out of school youth (OSY) ken out of school adult (OSA) a saan a nakaleppas ti elementary nga agtawen ti 12 nga agpangato ken high school nga agtawen ti 16 nga agpangato silulukat ti Alternative Learning System…

Enrolment is going on for SY 2020-2021…

contact through messenger, text or call
Carmela Canor CP#: 09465245563
Arlis Japson CP#: 09303016727

Wenno apan ditoy a link ⬇️ ket i fill up dagita form…/1FAIpQLSd7OSdkfzwyzx…/formResponse

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